NOVEMBER 3, 2020
The last day to register for vote in the November general election is
Tuesday, October 13.

Monmouth County Votes website

2020 General Election: Important Information

Following the signing of Governor Murphy’s Executive Order No. 177, the 2020 General Election will be held mainly via mail-in ballots. The Borough of Rumson has created this information page to provide residents with the most up-to-date information for registration, receiving mail-in ballots and making sure your vote is counted.

  1. Register To Vote:
    If you are NOT registered, please complete one of the following steps by October 13, 2020.

Questions? Call the Superintendent of Elections at 732-431-7780
** Voter registration forms by mail must be postmarked by October 13, 2020.**
** To complete a Signature Update, please complete a new voter registration form and check off the “Signature Update” box on the form. **

  1. Receiving Ballots By Mail
    All current, active registered voters in Monmouth County should receive their ballot by US mail no later than Monday, October 5, 2020. If you do not receive your mail-in ballot by Tuesday, October 13, 2020, please contact the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office at 732-431-7790.

    If you need your mail-in ballot sent to an alternate mailing address, or if your voter registration status is currently inactive, you must fill out and send a Vote by Mail Application to the Monmouth County Clerk of Elections. If you are an active voter, you will be sent a mail-in ballot to your address.

Check Your Voter Registration Status Here

  1. Submitting Your Completed Ballot:
    There are four (4) ways you can submit your mail-in ballot for the 2020 General Election. It is important that you complete and submit your ballot early, or as soon as you receive it.
    • Option 1 - U.S.P.S: All mailed ballots will include a postage paid return envelope. One individual mail-in ballot per return envelope.
    • Option 2 - secure ballot drop boxes: Drop boxes will be set up throughout the county, including a secure location at Rumson Borough Hall. The Rumson drop box, which will be under 24-hour video surveillance, will be located in front of the court house. Ballots placed in the drop box will accessible only by authorized county officials and will be collected periodically. Your ballot must be dropped off before 8:00 PM on Election Day Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
              Click here for a full list of secure drop box locations.
    • Option 3 - in-person to the Board of Election Office: The ballot must be dropped off before 8:00 PM on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
              Monmouth County Superintendent of Elections
              300 Halls Mill Road
              Freehold Township, NJ 07728
    • Option 4 - Borough Hall Court Room-Polling Location: If you choose to drop off your individual mail-in ballot it must be between 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM on Election Day Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
    Here are links to informative videos:
  1. Limited Polling Location Details:
    Only provisional paper ballots will be used for voting; you will not be allowed to vote on a machine. According to Governor Murphy’s mandate, provisional paper ballots will look identical to the mail-in ballot that you receive in the mail.
    Machine access will be exclusive to voters requiring an ADA accessible ballot marking device. If you have a disability and need an accessible vote by mail ballot, please contact the Monmouth County Clerk's Office at 732-431-7790.

  2. Source Links & Useful Information:
    1. MonmouthCountyVotes.com
    2. General Election FAQ Link
    3. A Guide to Monmouth County's Three Election Offices
    4. Register To Vote Links:
      Online Registration Link: https://voter.svrs.nj.gov/register
      Direct PDF Link: New Jersey Voter Registration Form, Fillable PDF
    5. Check Your Voter Registration Status Here
    6. Vote by Mail Application, PDF
    7. Click here for a full list of secure drop box locations in Monmouth County

The Charles Callman Court Room at Borough Hall will be the only Rumson polling location open. It will be open for drop-off, paper ballot, and ADA machine voting.

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